Stop Michael Vick!

Michael Vick's speed can make an online game a nightmare for your defense.  There is nothing more frustrating than having perfect pass coverage and then watching Vick scramble for a first down. Fortunately, there are several ways to stop this and send the frustration back to your opponent who thought that scrambling with Vick would lead to an easy victory. Method 1: QB … [Read more...]

Green Bay Packers Playbook Passing Strategies

This eight minute video walks you through several passing plays using Green Bay's playbook.  Learn how to read the defense and pick up big yards! … [Read more...]

Baltimore Ravens: Sack the QB and Convert on 3rd Down

Here are two of the best plays to run with the Baltimore Ravens. First, here an awesome way to take down the QB with the Ravens D!  Second, move the chains on offense with this play! … [Read more...]

Atlanta Falcons Money Plays

Here are some slick passing plays to run with the Atlanta Falcons!  The videos give you a step by step breakdown of how to run the plays!   … [Read more...]