Madden 13 Player Ratings: Best 3rd Down Backs

Madden 13 Player Ratings: Best 3rd Down Backs Are you using the right running back on third down?  Throwing to your running back on 3rd down is a great way to keep your opponent off-balance, if you running back can actually catch the ball! Here are the running backs with the best Catch ratings Madden 13. 1. Matt Forte, Bears. 93 Overall, 86 Catching, 82 Route … [Read more...]

Madden 13 Running Back and Full Back Ratings

Madden 13 RB Ratings Check out the ratings below! The purpose is for this to be interactive, you can sort by column, filter by team, and filter by OVR using the slider. You DON'T have Madden 13 yet? Get it delivered to you! Click here to order now! The complete list of Madden 13 running back ratings have been released by EA Sports . … [Read more...]