Madden NFL 25 Cover: Barry Sanders

The Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote winner is... … [Read more...]

Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote: Semifinals!

Only 4 players remain! Old School Final Jerry Rice vs Barry Sanders New School Final Adrian Peterson vs Arian Foster Who has your vote??? … [Read more...]

Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote: Quarterfinal Match-ups

The Madden NFL cover vote is down to the final 8 players! Round 3 concluded with a couple of close match-ups and a few blow outs. Russell Wilson barely got by Andrew Luck by receiving 57% of the vote. The most competitive match-up was Arian Foster slipping by Colin Kaepernick with 53% of the vote. On the flip side, there were 3 very decisive victories. Jerry Rice won by the … [Read more...]

Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote, Round 3: Have you voted yet???

Madden 14 It seems like the SuperBowl just ended. As we get closer and closer to the Madden NFL 25 Release date (August 27th, mark your calendars!), Madden fans have several events to look forward to, including the Madden Cover Vote and the Madden NFL 25 Demo release. Madden NFL Cover Vote, Round 3 The Madden NFL Cover Vote, hosted by ESPN, is now in Round 3! Have you … [Read more...]

Madden 14 Cover: Round 2 Vote Update!

Round 1 of the Madden 14 Cover Vote is officially over today, March 20! There were some upsets. On the Old School side: LaDainian Tomlinson defeated¬†Randall Cunningham and Terrell Davis defeated Jim Kelly.¬† On the New School side: Darrelle Revis defeated Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy defeated Patrick Peterson, and Clay Matthews defeated Trent Richardson.¬† Here are the … [Read more...]