Madden 19 99 OVR Club: Aaron Donald

Here we have a DT with 97 Strength, 98 Power Move, and 99 Play Recognition. Yes, give that man a 99 OVR! … [Read more...]

Madden 19 99 OVR Club: Von Miller

Von Miller will continue to be a beast in Madden 19. He will have 95 Finesse, 90 Agility, and 90 Acceleration, and 87 Speed. Good luck blocking him! … [Read more...]

Madden 19 99 OVR Club: Luke Kuechly

Luke Kuechly made a 2 point jump during the off season to make it to 99 OVR. He had shoulder surgery shortly after the Super Bowl. He will also have a 99 in Awareness, Stamina, Toughness, and Play Recognition. Check out his progression in the chart below. … [Read more...]

Madden 19 99 OVR Club: Tom Brady

Who would have guessed that a 40 year-old would become part of the 99 OVR club! Tom Brady's rating took a slight dip during the playoffs last year. For a veteran at his age, the typical trend would be for his rating to continue to drop. This is not the case for Mr. Brady! … [Read more...]