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Madden 25 Player Ratings

Madden 25 Player Ratings

Update 4 (August 21, 2013): ALL Madden 25 Player Ratings have been released (Offensive and Defensive). Click here to see them!

Update 3 (August 17, 2013): Madden 25 Offensive Player Ratings have been release for all teams. Click here to see them.

Update 2 (August 16, 2013): Here are the ratings for the Madden All-25 Team. And this is just in… the top Offensive Players for Madden 25 were released!

Update 1 (August 13, 2013): Finally, Madden 25 Player Ratings have been released for some teams:
San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers and the
Baltimore Ravens.

For NFL fans like you, one of the most exciting times of the year is when team and player ratings for Madden NFL are announced.

Madden 25 Team Ratings

Last year, Madden NFL 13 team ratings were first seen at the E3 convention, however, this was not the case for Madden NFL 25. I anticipated that the team ratings for Madden NFL 25 would be released at this year’s E3 convention during the Madden 25 game demo, but the rating for every team is “??”instead of the actual numeric rating. Looks like EA Sports wants to keep the team ratings a secret for a little bit longer.

Madden 25 Player Ratings

When can we expect to get a glimpse at some player ratings for Madden 25?  Madden 13 player ratings were gradually released in late July and during the month of August last year.  It started with the release of the top 10 QBs in Madden 13 on the EA sports website.  Fans were also able to vote for player attributes, such as the strongest arm for a quarterback and most elusive running back.  The complete set of player ratings was released on August 24th.  EA Sports may follow the same schedule this year.  On top of the initial release of player ratings, EA Sports published updated player ratings throughout the regular season based on player performance.  The updates were typically done every week through the NFL season.  By the end of the season, some players improved and decreased dramatically.  The final player ratings were released after the Super Bowl.

Player Ratings vote on

A video was released on that is titled, “Madden NFL 25′: Player ratings trailer“.  Honestly, the video did not provide much clarity except that at the end of the video, a message says that you should vote weekly on  It appears that player ratings voting will take place on, but I have not seen anything else that confirms this.

Rookie Ratings Preview

Madden Ultimate Rookie cards for this year’s draft class have been released and some ratings have been already given to rookies.  My guess is that these ratings will not change much when Madden 25 is released.  Here are some of the ratings that appear on MUT rookie cards!

  •  Luke Joekel, LT, Jaguars: STR 87, PBST 87, RBST 84, IMPB 92, AWR 66, PBFT 96, RBFT 91, INJ 98
  • Geno Smith, QB, Jets: SPD 85, INJ 96, TMID 82, AGI 84, AWR 52, TSHT 81, TDEP 84
  • Chance Wormack, LG, Titans: STR 92, PBST 89, RBST 95, IMPB 87, AWR 64, PBFT 82, RBFT 93, INJ 99
  • Matt Barkley, QB, Eagles: SPD 65, INJ 86, TPOW 85, TMID 83, AGI 64, AWR 59, TSHT 88, TDEP 70
  • Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Vikings: SPD 83, AWR 51, CTCH 81, SCAT 92, AGI 93, CINT 83, RLS 75
  • Montee Ball, HB, Broncos: SPD 87, ACC 90, CARY 96, ELUS 68, AWR 57, TRCK 87, BCV 75

Check for Madden 25 updates

As with Madden 12 and Madden 13, I will post the new Madden 25 ratings when they are released.  I will also post weekly updates as EA Sports updates Madden 25 player ratings throughout the regular season and playoffs.  Follow on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to see the latest news and videos.  Also, coming soon, I will have an email list so that you can can updates delivered directly to you.  Remember, Madden 25 will be released on August 27th.  It is just around the corner, fans!



Madden 14 (Madden NFL 25) Player Ratings: Quarterback Preview

Who will be the top ranked QB when the Madden 14 player ratings are released? Will there be a QB that reaches 99 OVR? Based on the lastest player ratings released by EA Sports for Madden 13, we may find an answer.

When the first player ratings were released for Madden 13, Aaron Rodgers was the only QB with a 99 OVR rating. The competition was right behind him, however, with Tom Brady and Drew Brees both at 98 OVR. Now that the SuperBowl is behind us, the top QBs have shifted and there is no longer a single QB with a 99 OVR. Here is how the top 5 QBs look at the end of the Madden 13 season:

Tom Brady: 98 OVR
Aaron Rodgers: 97 OVR
Peyton Manning: 97 OVR
Matt Ryan: 95 OVR
Drew Brees: 95 OVR

Peyton Manning (originally 93 OVR) and Matt Ryan (originally 89 OVR) did see significant improvements from the beginning to the end of the season, but there are no longer any QBs at 99 OVR. Tom Brady maintained is original 98 OVR rating, but Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees declined during the season. The QB story for this NFL season was very much about rookie quarterbacks (and a 2nd year quarterback) making huge strides throughout the season.

That is why, in my opinion, there will not be a QB that begins Madden NFL 25 with a 99 OVR. There is no justification for an off-season jump to 99 OVR for any of the top 5 QBs.


Madden 12

The chart is sortable by any column.  If you would like to only see a certain player, team, or rating, simply type it into the search box.

NWET. BradyQB995857655498659597899995219896899851
INDP. ManningQB986055645299659496999990309692869567
GNBA. RodgersQB987984588188549592849270359393898593
NORD. BreesQB966466536495558896939585189992858877
SDGP. RiversQB966365605794499096979298389695938455
PITB. RoethlisbergerQB947066856987659489929596748988879097
PHIM. VickQB939195629480579685799585598687847898
ATLM. RyanQB906562636487558989909278489089858867
DALT. RomoQB887380557785499186879597168985826687
BALJ. FlaccoQB887371746783589684959285658886787176
HOUM. SchaubQB886258645787428890789085219386799244
NYGE. ManningQB876564535987559086989595258884838655
TAMJ. FreemanQB877482787977649783979389688784816693
KANM. CasselQB866972626885628584869085359087738967
CHIJ. CutlerQB857176697075619884959072558684777180
STLS. BradfordQB857374516472608989839588329286827882
SEAM. HasselbeckQB846762546487568683799088258779719068
PHIK. KolbQB847276597377708880899083468885748082
CINC. PalmerQB835456665285608985749387398783778546
JACD. GarrardQB837781747883729080889278728576737078
NYJM. SanchezQB836973617077548883879477538584787975
WASD. McNabbQB827471757582699476828796697176788480
DENK. OrtonQB826466546383608485929488288982738655
BUFR. FitzpatrickQB817581557782668084938575258883647581
OAKJ. CampbellQB817067596972499278929090628178788677
DETM. StaffordQB807067646471649781659694558378806865
BALM. BulgerQB795558485485558486759065159080696855
TENK. CollinsQB775250674983458976939088228177757530
MIAC. HenneQB776667646170559475889284307775796977
CARC. NewtonQB778394758849819781969588798772856787
TENV. YoungQB778588698765769076909685658675726084
CLEC. McCoyQB777485467773778086939497458885676186
DENT. TebowQB778090838469878876979698847875776683
WASR. GrossmanQB766064506076559079709075268375756546
DETS. HillQB766970546279397986779285258981656268
DALJ. KitnaQB765661586084488479909095278576667040
FAC. PenningtonQB756562486280556989408565199478608770
GNBM. FlynnQB757578647675757980899282558475656982
JACB. GabbertQB757579607250659083908887399286657084
OAKB. GradkowskiQB757072497173607884919074428881617478
SFOA. SmithQB757675587472678578889492358474706082
PITC. BatchQB745354595583458279688670158375667440
TENJ. LockerQB748387648444529574859796667577838090
NYJM. BrunellQB736056466085557977559060248374527273
CLES. WallaceQB738485568771737874849077407970716984
CARM. MooreQB736769587070608675909070227873746567
JACT. EdwardsQB736366626474608284709075208776547852
MINC. PonderQB737385577450668484749591379185687585
SEAC. WhitehurstQB736575626568608877808872407976706572
CLEJ. DelhommeQB736463536476568475809268277674727256
CHIC. HanieQB726973586872668373939284387976666069
SFOT. SmithQB728388638867708771939080427472705883
JACL. McCownQB727475597072708574799284357875694779
DENB. QuinnQB727172597266658675849279207772677672
HOUM. LeinartQB725462616169658577879285288182658038
MINT. JacksonQB728387628665709470819078607268675585
ATLC. RedmanQB725658534982457782868575288678557154
PITB. LeftwichQB715452705068559377758895407772678030
CINA. DaltonQB716670546858658582969194318679637084
PITD. DixonQB708486558765698470829470216973726283
NYGS. RosenfelsQB706263546062448584848870308683625365
FAJ. McCownQB707779597571707879759072457579665176
SFOC. KaepernickQB708581638646599275959694577584745585
NYJK. ClemensQB706668586869658874859275267973645860
CARJ. ClausenQB705765516554609078959590308474757176
HOUD. OrlovskyQB706566586570507876919084218372686471
ARID. AndersonQB705658655668609575909095197471706542
SDGB. VolekQB695558505474508179788570197765845859
FAC. SimmsQB696362586268558778708790217670696856
FAC. WeberQB697074687445749279959092658481745560
MIAT. ThigpenQB697577607462758275909078557774666385
NWER. MallettQB695154734941719879859088668384738438
ARIJ. SkeltonQB697275687458629671888575507673724469
DETD. StantonQB687080647465658574869280257672734276
DALC. GreisenQB685560605467558180888775288575547550
STLA. FeeleyQB685456596469658576868982197572685869
FAJ. SorgiQB686264526277557478888570198270646646
KANR. StanziQB686273556952678681939488398580666660
ARIM. HallQB686668456363637981969165338773637048
TAMJ. JohnsonQB678892529360568968928970447072654079
FAP. RamseyQB675454595768608972618988257467706642
DALS. McGeeQB677582597757768369879097647470657680
NORC. DanielQB676675547258728375939598467974607083
KANB. CroyleQB675566535568608877789075447367716554
PHIM. KafkaQB676368556459597982908888208777558147
BALH. CantwellQB675256675457649472948987667473726545
OAKC. FryeQB676874557265687779939088338074556972
OAKK. BollerQB667072557268609067749079447164694564
FAB. St.PierreQB665254545475557779778565208075566648
NWEB. HoyerQB666569606662608773908870407668566578
GNBG. HarrellQB665664496368657885879265399070505970
SEAJ. LosmanQB666870567065609367859087456566734668
MINJ. WebbQB668690619160678967888572656766674486
HOUT. YatesQB665567556451648080859590408479578674
WASJ. BeckQB666465586370657880859080218574565550
BUFB. BrohmQB656064636460608477879282357975635472
NYJK. O'ConnellQB657475667860608568859080397772555270
CHIM. GutierrezQB656566656662648378829085607876555668
FAH. BromleyQB657475557840659075908788358277655585
FAW. CampbellQB657781607740668777959080558178607170
FAD. HansenQB657379706840659274959072658479665167
FAD. HayesQB655560705540659375908565558379717235
FAA. ThomasQB657075557645658781959272508380625560
FAT. PryorQB659082738940689068909382716873786284
SFOD. CarrQB656772636965558772909090356669695271
NYJG. McElroyQB656469495957547882909596228478675945
NORS. CanfieldQB656463666453668278799075458874527466
FAN. DavisQB656780607440499376929480548377694575
CHIT. CollinsQB645250525179457675808570227672546535
FAF. MendozaQB646570667240658882908580408675646555
CHIN. EnderleQB645055705150639272868976497472796340
CART. PikeQB646674536945608975938978458574645079
FAP. TanicoQB638584558240678287908580358781555664
FAJ. RussellQB636959766455529764939482756461626760
CIND. LeFevourQB637082677549828672909588697973586069
NWEJ. CromptonQB636770596942559474839074397673714585
BUFL. BrownQB637074657042448779878576338381643973
ATLJ. WilsonQB627073586766708078969488558456476755
FAJ. O'SullivanQB625858606068557978868574327768485578
KANT. PalkoQB626165526264607681908884408370595449
BALT. TaylorQB628791588836729265878875526975655084
CINJ. PalmerQB625254625854508776828870207668666552
ARIR. BartelQB626265646554658771888571337269675654
FAP. DevlinQB616873526946657980938866358774576064
INDC. PainterQB616564645045608777889675458377674535
FAD. WillyQB616062505857528180909075308271585453
CLEJ. BrownQB618278678137728871878572707268745578
MINR. BomarQB617270666738659072829096447572695675
MIAT. BrandstaterQB616165626050608283909075498074626542
FAK. NullQB615465605754608974878570467568724051
TENR. SmithQB606267636244628974958565207569666145
DETZ. RobinsonQB607284547543778273889297668266547270
FAJ. JohnsonQB597585738632749566878580606869715273
TAMR. CarpenterQB596773456745648774929075337874544665
TENB. RatliffQB596668586454608476889082187367535170
FAJ. PortisQB568488658729689065928875546565735075
STLT. LewisQB566570647342658669928675667468644054