Madden 13 Receivers Ratings

Madden 13 Receivers Ratings

Check out the ratings below! The purpose is for this to be interactive, you can sort by column, filter by team, and filter by OVR using the slider.

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The complete list of Madden 13 receiver ratings have been released by EA Sports .


  1. quaderrius says:

    julio jones 88 and torrey smith 80 thats a big difference when jones had 54 catches 959 yards and 8 touchdowns and torrey smith had 50 catches 841 yards 7 touchdowns just saying torrey could had least been a 85

    • Julio Jones missed 3 games bc of injury . Torrey Smith is good but he’s not even close to Julio Jones …Torrey just catch streaks but Julio catches streaks plus he catches passes in the middle also he’s a great blocker …

  2. AJ Green has a higher rating than Wayne!?

  3. Austin Collie has better hands than a 90.

  4. Why isn’t gronk a 99? He had the best T.E season ever.

  5. Ya Austin Collie should be at least be in the 90′s in overall, just make his injury really low. Don’t kill his ratings because of it.

  6. Cayden getz says:

    I think that Greg Jennings has improved since last year. He should have at least been a 95. Stop screwing up people’s ratings because of a injury. Same with Austin collie. He is a lot better than what they rated him.