Madden 13 Top Receivers!!!

Here are the top receivers! Enjoy!

1. Calvin Johnson Jr. – WR – Detroit Lions, 99

2. Rob Gronkowski – TE – New England Patriots, 97

3. Larry Fitzgerald – WR – Arizona Cardinals, 97

4. Andre Johnson – WR – Houston Texans, 97

5. Vernon Davis – TE – San Francisco 49ers, 95

6. Jimmy Graham – TE – New Orleans Saints, 95

7. Steve Smith – WR – Carolina Panthers, 95

8. Wes Welker – WR – New England Patriots, 95

9. Roddy White – WR – Atlanta Falcons, 94

10. Hakeem Nicks – WR – New York Giants, 94


  1. Where is AJ Green? Steve Smith as the 4t best WR? This list is a joke?

  2. Mike, you really think AJ Green deserves to be one of the best receivers after only one year? Look at that list. Each one of those receivers earned that ranking after YEARS of excellent play. When Green puts up more than one season then he may earn a top ten ranking. Until then your comment is nothing more than that of a Bengals homer. Thankfully EA doesn’t listen to fans like you, otherwise these ratings would be terrible.

    • Technically, Gronkowski only had one great season, and another pretty good and certainly respectable season. Jimmy Graham has only had one good season, which was, in his defense, an incredible one. Nicks has only had a couple of really strong, but does deserve the spot in my mind. As for Green, He certainly shoud be up there as far as his rating is concerned but not in the top ten receivers and tight ends. Luckily, he wil probably be ranked right around 90, and will progress in Franchise Mode to a top receiver within a season or two. As for the other game modes, he will still be an excellent tool to use with Andy Dalton.

    • Jimmy Graham has only been doing it 1 year…. Nicks only had a little over 1100 yards and he has Eli throwing to him who is a lot better than Andy Dalton. Steve Smith had 554 yards in 2010… Yes he had a decent bounce back year but I think a 95 rating is a little excessive as he is getting older and slower. Madden 13 gave him 96 speed which is ridiculous… Smith had 334 yards in the first two games and drastically cooled off after that. Vernon Davis has never gone over 1000 yards and he isn’t a great blocker. Andre Johnson is a great payer when he is healthy. Welker benefits from great QB player… He wasn’t putting up numbers until he got paired with Brady. Green entered last year without a training camp and still put up 1000 yards. He is getting better and I have no reason to think he won’t be in the top 10 next year. I’m not from Cincinnati either. Just didn’t agree with the list…

  3. Gronk over Fitz and Andre? who rates these players? Fitz and Andre should tie Megatron for that number one receiver spot.

    • Josh Monroe says

      Hey, remember that time when the players in the NFL voted Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson the 3rd most dominant player in the league. Or when they set the record for most TD in the first 4 games of the season in the history of the NFL? Yeah, I don’t either. I did enjoy watching Andre Johnson play all 16 games last year though…Let’s compare. 2011-12 Fitz: 80 catches, 1411 yards, 8 TD—- AJ: 33 catches, 492 yards, 2 TD HAHAHAHA! ok—— CJ: 96 catches, 1,681 yards, 16 TD.
      Don’t worry….you only sound stupid, because we can’t see you.
      P.S. Before you say “Stafford ONLY throws to him”, remember 2 things, Stafford threw over 3200 yards to other players, and CJ IS NO LESS THAN DOUBLE COVERED ON EVERY SINGLE PLAY THAT HE IS ON THE FIELD FOR!

      • I agree CJ should be rated number 1 and above Fitz or Johnson, but Stafford is a lot better than Kolb or Skelton….

      • Andre only played 7 games last year….those numbers would be a hell of a lot higher had he played more. Andres still the best

  4. Black_Kaptain says

    I guess they shitted on brandon Marshall cus he wit the bears.

  5. You high bro, Calvin dominates the WR column. But Wes and Larry and Steve should not be top 10. They are good at certain aspects of the WR game, they arent dominant at everything.

  6. Josh Monroe says

    Well, I guess “You were high bro” all last season. Do you know who Wes Welker is? 2011-12: 122 catches, 1,569 yards, 9 TD…..not a top 10??? How about Fitzgerald, who had 2 bums throwing to him 2012: 80 catches, 1,411 yards, 8 TD. I agree about Johnson and Smith though. Smith can’t repeat that, not that they know how to defend the Panthers now.

  7. i for myself think that if mark sanchez was a better QB dustin keller and Santonio Holmes would be way better cuz about 4 seasons ago when he used to play for pittsburgh he got way more yards and catches then he does now and plus now everybody like double teams him because he’s like the only reciever mark passes it to.