Madden 14 (Madden NFL 25) Player Ratings: Quarterback Preview

Who will be the top ranked QB when the Madden 14 player ratings are released? Will there be a QB that reaches 99 OVR? Based on the lastest player ratings released by EA Sports for Madden 13, we may find an answer.

When the first player ratings were released for Madden 13, Aaron Rodgers was the only QB with a 99 OVR rating. The competition was right behind him, however, with Tom Brady and Drew Brees both at 98 OVR. Now that the SuperBowl is behind us, the top QBs have shifted and there is no longer a single QB with a 99 OVR. Here is how the top 5 QBs look at the end of the Madden 13 season:

Tom Brady: 98 OVR
Aaron Rodgers: 97 OVR
Peyton Manning: 97 OVR
Matt Ryan: 95 OVR
Drew Brees: 95 OVR

Peyton Manning (originally 93 OVR) and Matt Ryan (originally 89 OVR) did see significant improvements from the beginning to the end of the season, but there are no longer any QBs at 99 OVR. Tom Brady maintained is original 98 OVR rating, but Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees declined during the season. The QB story for this NFL season was very much about rookie quarterbacks (and a 2nd year quarterback) making huge strides throughout the season.

That is why, in my opinion, there will not be a QB that begins Madden NFL 25 with a 99 OVR. There is no justification for an off-season jump to 99 OVR for any of the top 5 QBs.