Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top DEs



Going for the user controlled QB sack is one of the most exciting aspects of Madden NFL. Some Defensive Ends rely on speed and others rely on power to shed blocks. Here are the top 5 DEs in Madden 16:

J.J. Watt, Houston Texans: 99 OVR, 99 Power Move, 98 Pursuit, 97 TAK, 97 Block Shedding, 78 CTH.

It is not a surprise that J.J. Watt is a 99 OVR. He will crush the opposing OL in Madden 16. He can also be effective on offense near the red zone.

Muhammad Wilkerson, New York Jets: 96 OVR, 94 STR, 97 Block Shedding, 93 Power Moves, 96 TAK, 96 Pursuit.

Wilkerson’s OVR rating did not change during the offseason. He will anchor the Jet’s defense with his strength and block shedding.

Michael Bennett, Seattle Seahawks: 95 OVR, 91 STR, 91 TAK 94 PWM.

Michael Bennet has awesome ratings for rushing the passer and tackling the ball carrier behind the line of scrimmage. He begins Madden 16 down 1 OVR point.

Calais Campbell, Arizona Cardinals: 95 OVR, 87 STR, 85 Block Shedding, 92 TKL, 94 Pursuit.

Calais Campbell’s OVR rating went down 2 points during the offseason, but he will still be a serious threat to ball carriers.

Cameron Wake, Miami Dolphins: 94 OVR, 96 Power Move, 76 STR, 79 TAK, 93 Pursuit.

Wake’s OVR dropped 2 points during the offseason, but his dangerous Power Moves will still be a strong threat to the opposition.