Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top DTs

madden 16 player ratings dt


Defensive Tackles are key to controlling the line of scrimmage. The top 5 DTs will make that job easier:

Ndamukong Suh, Miami Dolphins: 96 OVR, 98 STR, 97 Power Moves, 95 Pursuit, 92 Block Shed.

Suh will be a game changer in Madden 16. His combination of Power Moves, Strength, and Pursuit will make the offense think twice about going his way. Suh’s OVR went down 1 point during the offseason.

Gerald McCoy, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 95 OVR, 98 Power Moves, 92 STR, 89 TAK, 97 BKS, 93 Pursuit.

McCoy’s OVR went down 2 points, but he still boasts incredible 98 Power Move rating. Add in 93 Pursuit and 92 STR, he will make his presence known.

Macell Dareus, Buffalo Bills: 94 OVR, 95 TAK, 94 STR, 92 Power Moves, 94 Block Shed.

Marcell Dareus has incredible tackling and block shedding ratings. He is down 1 OVR from Madden 15.

Kyle Williams, Buffalo Bills: 93 OVR, 90 STR, 88 TAK, 91 Block Shed, 87 Pursuit, 94 Play Recognition.

Kyle Williams will anchor the Bill’s defensive line along with Marcell Dareus. Williams is excellent at recognizing plays and has high all around ratings for a DE. His rating is down 2 OVR from Madden 15.

Aaron Donald, St. Louis Rams: 92 OVR, 93 STR, 90 TAK, 92 Power Moves, 90 Pursuit, 82 SPD.

Aaron Donald’s OVR went up 3 points during the offseason. His SPD rating even went up 1 point. He is set to have a great second year in the NFL and will be fun to use in Madden 16.