Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top MLBs



The top MLBs are among the most well rounded players on defense. Here are the top 5 MLBs in Madden 16:

Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers: 96 OVR, 99 Pursuit, 98 TKL, 85 Zone Coverage, 70 Man Coverage, 72 CTH, 98 Play Recognition.

Luke Kuechly’s final OVR rating from Madden 15 remains the same and he is the top MLB in Madden 16. It will be tough for running backs to get past him with 99 Pursuit and 98 Tackle. He will also be good in zone coverage.

Navorro Bowman, San Francisco 49ERS: 93 OVR, 97 TKL, 96 Pursuit, 92 Block Shedding, 88 Play Recognition, 82 Zone Coverage, 73 Man Coverage.

Bowman enters Madden 16 down 2 OVR points. Can he prove himself as the top MLB?

Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks: 92 OVR, 97 TKL, 96 Pursuit, 90 Play Recognition, 85 Zone Coverage, 70 Man Coverage.

Bobby Wagner will bring excellent tackling and pursuit to the middle of Seattle’s defense. His weakness is Man Coverage. He is up 1 OVR compared his final rating in Madden 15.

Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers: 90 OVR, 96 Pursuit, 90 TKL, 88 Play Recognition, 75 Zone Coverage, 65 Man Coverage.

Clay Matthews moved to MLB and his OVR went down 1 point during the offseason. He still is one of the best LBs in the game, just don’t expect him to cover the pass will when in man coverage.

Daryl Smith, Baltimore Ravens: 90 OVR, 92 TKL, 92 Pursuit, 95 Play Recognition, 84 Zone Coverage, 69 Man Coverage.

Daryl Smith brings excellent play recognition to the Ravens’ defense. His OVR jumped 2 points during the offseason.