Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top Offensive Linemen



The top offensive linemen bring us a 98 OVR player and the league’s strongest player. Ratings for QBs, WRs, and RBs do not mean much without a good OL doing the dirty work!

Marshal Yanda (RG), Baltimore Ravens: 98 OVR, 99 Run Blocking, 90 Pass Blocking, 94 STR.

Marshal Yanda is a running back’s best friend with his 99 run blocking rating. His OVR rating increased by 1 point during the offseason.

Josh Sitton (LG), Green Bay Packers: 97 OVR, 96 Pass Blocking, 88 Run Blocking.

Josh Sitton will provide excellent pass blocking for the Packer’s potent passing game. His OVR rating did not change during the offseason.

Jason Peters (LT), Philadelphia Eagles: 96 OVR, 98 STR, 97 Pass Blocking, 96 Run Blocking.

Jason Peters is the strongest player in Madden 16. He is also the top Tackle in the game at 96 OVR. The Eagles offense will benefit from his great all around blocking game. His OVR increased by 1 point during the offseason.

Nick Mangold (C), New York Jets: 95 OVR, 91 STR, 93 Run Blocking, 90 Pass Blocking.

Nick Mangold will bring his veteran skills to the Jets’ offensive line. He can hold-off defenders in the run game and pass game. His OVR rating increased by 2 points during the offseason.

Andrew Whitworth (LT), Cincinnati Bengals: 95 OVR, 94 STR, 98 Pass Blocking, 98 Run Blocking.

Andrew Whitworth will anchor the Bengal’s offensive line at 95 OVR. His OVR rating dropped by 1 during the offseason.