Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top OLBs



The top 5 OLBs have excellent Pursuit and Tackle ratings. They can also use finesse or power moves to shed blocks. Here are the top 5 OLBs:

Von Miller, Denver Broncos: 97 OVR, 93 Block Shed, 99 Finesse Move, 89 Power Move, 94 Tackle, 98 Pursuit.

Von Miller will be excellent at getting to the QB and RB with 99 Finesse Move and 98 Pursuit rating. He will help the Denver Broncos get plenty of sacks in Madden 16. His OVR rating did not change during the offseason.

Justin Houston, Kansas City: 97 OVR, 97 Pursuit, 92 Tackle, 88 Play Recognition, 93 Block Shed, 98 Power Move, 89 Finesse Move.

Justin Houston’s power moves will overwhelm blockers. He also brings impressive pursuit. His OVR did not change during the offseason.

Terrell Suggs, Baltimore Ravens: 93 OVR, 91 STR, 97 Power Moves, 92 TKL, 95 Pursuit.

Suggs will rely on his power to overwhelm blockers and excellent pursuit to take down ball carriers. His OVR went down 1 point during the offseason.

Don’t’a Hightower, New England Patriots: 93 OVR, 86 Zone Coverage, 95 TKL, 90 Hit Power, 92 Pursuit.

Hightower will be extremely versatile. His 86 Zone Coverage Rating will enable him to cover the pass extremely well for an OLB and his 95 TKL will bring down most ball carriers easily. His OVR went up 1 point during the offseason.

Deandre Levy, Detriot Lions: 93 OVR, 95 Play Recognition, 96 TKL, 96 Pursuit.

Deandre Levy is a nightmare for running backs. He can recognize plays, pursue ball carriers, and tackle like an elite defender. His OVR rating dropped 1 point during the offseason.