Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top Running Backs



EA Sports released Madden 16 player ratings for the top running backs. It is surprising to see that the highest rating for a running back is 96 OVR and that all of the top running backs had their speed rating reduced. The reduced speed rating may be a realignment of every player’s speed rating and something to keep an eye on as all Madden 16 player ratings are released. Madden 16 running back game play will be exciting with the variety of strengths and weaknesses for the top running backs.

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks: 96 OVR, 99 Stiff Arm, 98 Trucking, 89 STR, 94 Juke Move, 91 ELU, 88 ACC, 85 SPD.

Despite dropping from 97 OVR to 96 OVR and from 90 SPD to 85 SPD during the offseason, Marshawn Lynch is the best running back in the game. Beast Mode will be amazing in Madden 16.

Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings: 95 OVR, 88 STR, 94 Trucking, 90 SPD, 92 Elusiveness, 96 Stiff Arm, 95 Juke Move, 94 Spin Move.

Adrian Peterson is back and down 1 OVR from Madden 15. His speed is down from 96 to 90, but may still have the best overall running ability in Madden 16.

Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs: 94 OVR, 95 ELU, 92 SPD, 92 ACC, 98 AGI, 97 Juke Move, 94 Spin Move, 86 CTH.

Jamaal Charles will be dangerous runner and third down back. With his speed and hands, it will be difficult for linebackers to cover him in the passing game. If he has the ball in the open field, he will be hard to hit. His SPD dropped from 97 to 92 and his ACC from 98 to 92 his during the offseason. He also dropped 1 OVR during the offseason.

Demarco Murray, Philadephia Eagles: 94 OVR, 96 Trucking, 97 Stiff Arm, 97 Juke Move, 95 ELU, 94 Spin Move, 89 SPD, 91 ACC, 98 AGI.

Demarco Murray moves to a new team and overall maintains his great all around running game. He dropped from 96 to 94 OVR during the offseason and his speed dropped from 95 to 89. His running moves are solid.

Le’veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers: 94 OVR, 99 Carrying, 83 CTH, 88 SPD, 95 ELU, 97 Juke Move, 84 Trucking, 92 Stiff Arm.

Le’veon Bell will be dependable, whether it is holding on to the ball or catching the ball. He is young, so he has the potential to have an explosive ratings increase this season. He dropped from 95 OVR to 94 OVR during the offseason and his speed dropped from 90 to 88.