Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top Safeties



EA Sports released the top 5 safties Madden 16. The Seahawks have two of the top five.

Eric Weddle, San Diego Chargers (FS): 96 OVR, 84 SPD, 83 TAK, 77 Hit Power, 94 PREC, 66 Man Coverage, 91 Zone Coverage.

Eric Weddle is up 1 OVR from Madden 15. He brings an awesome combination of play recognition, zone coverage, and tackling.

Earl Thomas III, Seattle Seahawks (FS): 95 OVR, 96 Zone Coverage, 90 SPD, 75 TAK, 72 Hit Power, 83 Play Recognition, 83 Man Coverage.

Earl Thomas III is a very alert safety with excellent play recognition, coverage, and speed abilities. His speed went down 3 points during the offseason.

Kam Chancellor (SS), Seattle Seahawks: 94 OVR, 97 Hit Power, 83 SPD, 85 TAK, 77 Play Recognition, 64 Man Coverage, 83 Zone Coverage.

Chancellor is a hard-hitting safety. His OVR is down 1 point and his SPD is down 2 points.

Devin McCourty (FS), New England Patriots: 94 OVR, 96 Zone Coverage, 87 Man Coverage, 87 Play Recognition, 90 SPD.

Devin McCourty is the ultimate coverage safety. His OVR went down 2 OVR during the offseason.

Harrison Smith (FS), Minnesota Vikings: 93 OVR, 86 SPD, 85 Play Recognition, 75 Man Coverage, 92 Zone Coverage, 92 Hit Power.

Harrison Smith is a hard-hitting free safety that is excels in zone coverage.