Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top Tight Ends



We have the second member of the Madden 16 99 OVR club! The Gronk joins Aaaron Rodgers with his 99 OVR rating. He is by far the top tight end in Madden 16.

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots: 99 OVR, 94 Spectacular Catch, 98 Catch in Traffic, 95 Release, 94 CTH, 82 SPD, 87 ACC, 84 JMP, 84 SFA.

The Gronk jumped 1 point OVR during the offseason to rejoin the 99 club! His SPD rating went down 1 point and his ACC stayed the same. He will be great at catching with defenders nearby and will have an easy time with press defense.

Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks: 95 OVR, 92 CTH, 90 Spectacular Catch, 88 Catch in Traffic, 85 SPD, 92 JMP, 87 Route Running, 88 Release.

Jimmy Graham joins his new team, the Seattle Seahawks, and 95 OVR. His OVR rating increased two points during the offseason. His ratings will make him a great deep threat and a reliable option for 3rd down.

Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys: 93 OVR, 95 CTH, 92 Catch in Traffic, 88 Route Running, 85 Release, 79 Spectacular Catch.

Witten will make up for his lack of speed with superb catching and route running. His OVR increased 1 point during the offseason.

Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers: 92 OVR, 89 CTH 89 JMP, 88 Spectacular Catch, 88 Release, 87 Catch in Traffic.

Greg Olsen’s OVR did not change during the offseason. He will continue to be a reliable passing option for the Panthers.

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs: 91 OVR, 89 CTH, 89 JMP, 88 Spectacular Catch, 87 Catch in Traffic, 88 Release, 81 Route running, 85 Run Block.

Travis Kelce is an excellent all-around tight end. He can catch and block with the best. The Chiefs offense will have plenty of options with Kelce as a run blocker or as a receiver. His OVR rating sky rocketed from 84 OVR to 91 OVR during the offseason.