Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top Wide Receivers



Calvin Johnson begins Madden 16 as the third best receiver. This season, Antonio Brown takes the top spot at 97 OVR! Many of the top wide receivers saw their SPD and ACC ratings drop, similar to the running backs. This provides more evidence that speed is being adjusted across the board in Madden 16.

Here are the top 5 wide receivers in Madden 16:

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers: 97 OVR, 99 CTH, 99 Route Running, 90 SPD, 96 ELU, 91 ACC, 95 JKM, 93 SPC, 98 CIT.

Antonio Brown will be a very reliable receiver with 99 CTH, 99 Route Running, and 98 Catch in Traffic. He will also be very hard to take down once he has the ball with 96 ELU and 95 JKM. To top it off, he will be great on special teams. His SPD rating dropped 2 points and his ACC rating dropped 6 points during the offseason.

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys: 96 OVR, 98 CTH, 98 JMP, 98 Spectacular Catch, 89 SPD, 90 ACC, 92 ELU, 91 SPM, 95 JKM.

Dez Bryant will be a pro at catching jump balls with his near perfect ratings for catching, jumping, and spectacular catch. His speed dropped 2 points and his ACC dropped 1 point during the offseason.

Calvin Johnson, Detriot Lions: 95 OVR, 98 Release, 97 CTH, 91 Catch in Traffic, 98 Spectacular Catch, 93 AGI, 90 Juke Move, 92 Route Running.

Although Calvin Johnson is not the top receiver in Madden 16, he is can still dominate the defense. Press coverage is nearly useless against him and he will be able to make amazing catches. His OVR rating dropped 2 points.

Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants: 94 OVR, 99 Spectacular Catch, 97 CTH, 97 Route Running, 96 Juke Move, 92 SPD, 93 ACC, 94 ELU.

It is not a surprise that Odell Beckham Jr. will be able to make some of the most amazing catches in Madden 16. On top of that, he has excellent route running and speed. His OVR rating took a huge 4 point leap during the offseason.

Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons: 94 OVR, 97 Spectacular Catch, 94 CTH, 94 Catch in Traffic, 94 AGI, 92 SPD, 92 ACC, 87 ELU, 97 JMP, 91 Route Running.

Julio Jones brings an awesome all around receiving game to Madden 16. He will be reliable in all phases: getting open, catching the ball, and avoiding defenders. His SPD went down 3 points and his ACC went down 2 points during the offseason.