Madden 25 Demo

Madden 25 Demo

Madden 25 Demo Start Screen

It’s here!!! The Madden 25 Demo has arrived! It has several features that will keep us Madden fans going until Madden 25 is officially released on August 27th!

There were some issues with people being unable to access the demo on August 13th. Some XBox 360 gamers reported issues with downloading the demo from their XBox. Playstation 3 gamers had to wait until late afternoon/early evening (Eastern) to download the demo. Now everyone seems squared away so it is time to review the demo!

49ers vs Ravens

One of the two available match-ups in the Madden 25 demo is the 49ers vs Ravens. A rematch of the SuperBowl is sure to be a popular match-up. Both teams have lost some players, but also gained players. Most notable, the Ravens lost Ray Lewis to retirment (rating). The Ravens did gain Elvis Dumervil (rating). For the 49ers, Michael Crabtree is not available. It is a fairly even contest, with the Ravens team rating at 87 and the 49ers at 91. I chose to use the 49ers. Kaepernick (89 OVR) was a lot of fun to use and it was obvious that between him, Boldin, Gore, and V. Davis, they will be hard to stop on offense.

Seahawks vs Packers

The other match-up in the Madden 25 demo is the Seahawks vs Packers. I expect the Seahawks to be a very popular team for online play after using Marshawn Lynch (96 OVR) and Russell Wilson (89 OVR). Let’s not forget their solid starting wide receivers, Percy Harvin (92 OVR, 96 SPD) and Sidney Rice (86 OVR). The Seahawks have all you can ask for on offense. Leading the Packers is Aaron Rodgers, who is the best QB in the game at 98 OVR. Rodgers has three solid receivers to throw to: Jordy Nelson (89 OVR), Cobb (88 OVR), and Jones (87 OVR). It will take a good defense to stop their passing attack.

Precision Modifier Training

I should have started off with the Precision Modifier Training before jumping right into playing a head-to-head game against the computer. In short, I love the Precision Modifier. It makes jukes, stiff arms, and all other running moves easier to control and more realistic. As you can see from the video below, it took a few tries to get used to it. Already, I can’t see how I ran the ball without it in past Maddens. Seeing Gore and P. Willis go head-to-head was also really fun. After I completed a few rounds of the precision modifier training, running the ball in Play mode was much EASIER and a lot more FUN. It appears that the running game (and the run after catch game) in Madden 25 is a lot stronger!

Quarterback Option Training

I waited even longer to do the QB Option Training… until I did this the QB Option plays always resulted in a sack! Do the QB Option Training before you run a QB option play! As you can see from the video I struggled with this, but after a few rounds it became much easier.

Total Control Passing Training

There wasn’t much new in this training module, but it was good to get a few rounds in of precision passing. Honestly, you can probably get away with not doing this before playing Madden 25 the first time.

Overall Experience with the Madden 25 Demo

The Madden 25 Demo was really fun. I have always been a big fan of running the ball in Madden NFL, so I am the most impressed with the Precision Modifier. I can’t wait to use Adrian Peterson with the new Run Free feature! I thought the announcers were good. In fact, I really didn’t notice them. I think that is good because they are meant to compliment the game, not take it over. The graphics didn’t improve much from Madden 13, but that is not a huge deal to me. I’m more focused on the gameplay and will expect more of a jump in graphics with XBox One and PlayStation 4.