Madden NFL 25 aka Madden 14 Cover Vote

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The Madden cover vote has become a highly anticipated annual event for Madden gamers. This year, the Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote will start on Monday, March 11. It is being kicked off that day on ESPN2 SportsNation at 4pm.

The first Madden cover vote was for Madden 10. EA Sports teamed up with Doritos and allowed Madden gamers to decide between three players for the cover: Drew Brees, Jared Allen, or Reggie Wayne. It was not a surprise that Drew Brees was voted the winner. He was coming off an excellent regular season and was voted Super Bowl XLIV MVP.

In 2011, EA Sports changed the voting format to a 32 player tournament. The final round of the bracket style tournament resulted in Peyton Hillis facing off against Michael Vick. It was not a surprise that Michael Vick (#3 seed) reached the finals. However, Peyton Hillis (#10 seed) was a huge underdog. After the dust settled, Peyton Hillis won in a landslide vote and became the cover persona for Madden 12.

Last year, EA Sports kept the same format for the Madden 13 cover vote. The final round was much more competitive than the previous year. Calvin Johnson Jr. and Cam Newtown were voted in by fans as the finalists. In a close race, Calvin Johnson came out victorious.

This year, the cover vote has changed form again. The Madden NFL 25 aka Madden 14 cover vote will feature two 32 player brackets. The first bracket will be for current players, as we saw for Madden 11 and Madden 12. The second bracket will be for past NFL greats. The winner of each will face of in the final round, adding a special twist to the final round unlike any we have seen before!  In case you haven’t heard yet, the Madden NFL 25 aka Madden 14 release date is set for August 27.


  1. Joe Namath!

  2. Player Ratings Pro says

    No way to Broadway Joe!

  3. Put CJ back on the cover as he escaped the Madden curse (a feat he shares with Eddie George).