Manning VS Brady: Ending the great debate!

          "Who is a better quarterback, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?", is arguably the most divisive football question of the past decade.  Do side with with Manning's stats or Brady's Superbowl rings? When the OVR rating of each player since 2005 is taken into consideration, there is a clear choice for the best QB debate.  The numbers … [Read more...]

Defensive Backs

Madden 12 The chart is sortable by any column.  If you would like to only see a certain player, team, or rating, simply type it into the search box. [table id=9 /] … [Read more...]

Top 5 Most Agile RBs

Make your opponent wiff with these RBs! If you break through the line and happen to see the likes of James Harrison in the way, you may want to think twice about using the truck move.   At this point, your best chance is to make him miss you completely.  These players are up to the task!             … [Read more...]

Deep Threats: Beat the D with these WRs!

Get behind the safeties and catch a hail mary pass with these WRs! Sometimes play calling isn't enough, especially when your opponent knows that you need a long pass.  If you see the D covering the deep ball, the SPD and ACC of your WRs is crucial to getting past them and catching the long pass you need. Here are the WRS with the best combination of SPD and ACC.   … [Read more...]

This RB has the best moves… by far!

Want to choose between trucking,  juking, stiff arming, or spinning past that pesky safety that stands in your way?  Stick with AP! In Madden 2012, you have several tools at your disposal to get past a defender.  Speed and acceleration aren't always necessary, or the best way to get the most yards when running the ball.  Often times, you are better off trucking, stiff … [Read more...]