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Madden 25 Player Ratings

Madden 25 Player Ratings

Update 4 (August 21, 2013): ALL Madden 25 Player Ratings have been released (Offensive and Defensive). Click here to see them!

Update 3 (August 17, 2013): Madden 25 Offensive Player Ratings have been release for all teams. Click here to see them.

Update 2 (August 16, 2013): Here are the ratings for the Madden All-25 Team. And this is just in… the top Offensive Players for Madden 25 were released!

Update 1 (August 13, 2013): Finally, Madden 25 Player Ratings have been released for some teams:
San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers and the
Baltimore Ravens.

For NFL fans like you, one of the most exciting times of the year is when team and player ratings for Madden NFL are announced.

Madden 25 Team Ratings

Last year, Madden NFL 13 team ratings were first seen at the E3 convention, however, this was not the case for Madden NFL 25. I anticipated that the team ratings for Madden NFL 25 would be released at this year’s E3 convention during the Madden 25 game demo, but the rating for every team is “??”instead of the actual numeric rating. Looks like EA Sports wants to keep the team ratings a secret for a little bit longer.

Madden 25 Player Ratings

When can we expect to get a glimpse at some player ratings for Madden 25?  Madden 13 player ratings were gradually released in late July and during the month of August last year.  It started with the release of the top 10 QBs in Madden 13 on the EA sports website.  Fans were also able to vote for player attributes, such as the strongest arm for a quarterback and most elusive running back.  The complete set of player ratings was released on August 24th.  EA Sports may follow the same schedule this year.  On top of the initial release of player ratings, EA Sports published updated player ratings throughout the regular season based on player performance.  The updates were typically done every week through the NFL season.  By the end of the season, some players improved and decreased dramatically.  The final player ratings were released after the Super Bowl.

Player Ratings vote on

A video was released on that is titled, “Madden NFL 25′: Player ratings trailer“.  Honestly, the video did not provide much clarity except that at the end of the video, a message says that you should vote weekly on  It appears that player ratings voting will take place on, but I have not seen anything else that confirms this.

Rookie Ratings Preview

Madden Ultimate Rookie cards for this year’s draft class have been released and some ratings have been already given to rookies.  My guess is that these ratings will not change much when Madden 25 is released.  Here are some of the ratings that appear on MUT rookie cards!

  •  Luke Joekel, LT, Jaguars: STR 87, PBST 87, RBST 84, IMPB 92, AWR 66, PBFT 96, RBFT 91, INJ 98
  • Geno Smith, QB, Jets: SPD 85, INJ 96, TMID 82, AGI 84, AWR 52, TSHT 81, TDEP 84
  • Chance Wormack, LG, Titans: STR 92, PBST 89, RBST 95, IMPB 87, AWR 64, PBFT 82, RBFT 93, INJ 99
  • Matt Barkley, QB, Eagles: SPD 65, INJ 86, TPOW 85, TMID 83, AGI 64, AWR 59, TSHT 88, TDEP 70
  • Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Vikings: SPD 83, AWR 51, CTCH 81, SCAT 92, AGI 93, CINT 83, RLS 75
  • Montee Ball, HB, Broncos: SPD 87, ACC 90, CARY 96, ELUS 68, AWR 57, TRCK 87, BCV 75

Check for Madden 25 updates

As with Madden 12 and Madden 13, I will post the new Madden 25 ratings when they are released.  I will also post weekly updates as EA Sports updates Madden 25 player ratings throughout the regular season and playoffs.  Follow on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to see the latest news and videos.  Also, coming soon, I will have an email list so that you can can updates delivered directly to you.  Remember, Madden 25 will be released on August 27th.  It is just around the corner, fans!